Our website contains many contributions from satisfied clients who are currently enjoying their newly renovated home – here is a sampling of these

One of the worst features of my large old-fashioned kitchen was its layout, the cabinets and appliances ranged around a large empty space that I could only fill with an unattractive kitchen table. The design created by HAYWORTH’S KITCHEN RENOVATIONS when we were discussing remodelling really showed me how the optimum use could be made of the available space. With the renovation complete, the central space has been transformed into a stylish island incorporating not only work-space and my stove-top but a huge amount of additional storage space in the cabinets below. This has completely transformed the appearance of the kitchen, giving it a modern, efficient atmosphere that still preserves it’s original quality as a warm family meeting-place.


Our recently purchased home was in generally good condition, except for the kitchen, which had not been well maintained. We decided to invest in a complete renovation, and contacted HAYWORTH’S KITCHEN RENOVATIONS after several recommendations from friends. It was an enormous project, but they tackled it with efficiency and flair, first presenting us with a choice of several very creative designs and a detailed and sensible financial plan. Considering that the renovation involved completely gutting the existing kitchen, replacing all the electrical fixtures and lighting, retiling the walls and floor and installing new cabinets and appliances, the work was done with a steady reliability that ensured that it was finished well within the timetable that we had been promised. The new kitchen has greatly increased the value of our investment. I found the standard of work truly impressive.


I am the sort of person who dislikes conventional trends, so my dilemma was refurbishing a kitchen without turning it into a gleaming modern metallic room with no soul or ambience. The design consultants at HAYWORTH’S KITCHEN RENOVATIONS were flexible and creative enough to accommodate my requirements and tastes instead of imposing their own preferences, which really endeared them to me. The wonderful thing about my consultation was the enormous range of colours, styles and designs that they offered me in terms of cabinet finishes, counter-top surfaces, floor and wall tiles, and even finishing touches such as cupboard and drawer handles, taps and tight-fitting. This wide choice enables their clients to create exactly the style and ambience that suits their unique ideals. I am delighted with the finished result : a brand-new highly efficient kitchen that has all the charm, warmth and beauty of a country farmhouse.


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