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Home renovations Haakdoornlaagte is not just general building but helps with home extensions and home alterations in Haakdoornlaagte. If you need a bathroom remodelling or kitchen repairs then home renovations Haakdoornlaagte is the company you need!

Welcome to Home renovations Haakdoornlaagte, where home extensions in Haakdoornlaagte and alterations can be done by our wonderful construction company!

Sometimes you don’t have to build on to your home in order to enlarge it. Older houses were often designed with a selection of smaller rooms, perhaps a laundry, pantry and scullery adjacent to a kitchen, or a number of bedrooms leading off a narrow passage.

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Opening out these small rooms can literally redesign the house, creating light and space and rejuvenating and modernising interiors.

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Home alterations Haakdoornlaagte | Bathroom  renovations Haakdoornlaagte

Home renovations Haakdoornlaagte  are a firm of home renovations contractors, and our experienced consultants would be delighted to visit your home and assess its potential for interior remodelling.

Home Renovations Haakdoornlaagte | Construction Haakdoornlaagte
Home Renovations Haakdoornlaagte | Construction Haakdoornlaagte

The removal of interior walls, so long as they are not weight-bearing, and especially easily if they are simply dry-walls, can create inspiring and airy open-plan spaces.

Home Renovations Haakdoornlaagte services:

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Imagine a beautiful open-plan kitchen, bright and full of light and warmth, and preferable to a series of dark narrow rooms, with perhaps a central island containing the stove-top and counter space, and a bar-type area for family breakfasts. Or think about an attractive open breezeway in the centre of your home, with reception rooms and bedrooms leading off it, and maybe a skylight in the ceiling for even more light and airiness, which can all be done at Home renovations Haakdoornlaagte.

Home alterations Haakdoornlaagte
Home alterations Haakdoornlaagte

These are all projects that our firm could undertake, from the design stage through to an efficient and cost-effective renovation process.

If these ideas appeal to you, call us as soon as possible for information on these renovations as well as many other creative and innovative home improvement plans, and we will help you to make your elderly house into a bright and beautiful living space call Home renovations Haakdoornlaagte.