FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS at home renovation Johannesburg

This is a sample of the questions regularly put to us by prospective clients –

I would love to completely renovate my home, which has become worn and shabby, but my finances just don’t realistically extend to so large a project – are there some ways in which I could make improvements on a tight budget?

You certainly can – with a little imagination and experience, a good contractor could suggest several options to you. For example, repainting your home cabinets is far cheaper than replacing them completely, and will give the room a fresh and modern new appearance. Of course, granite or marble counter-tops are desirable, but expensive – imitation granite or marble is available that looks attractive, is robust, serviceable and easy to maintain, and is very reasonably priced. Finally, shop around and do research before purchasing fixtures and fittings – competitive pricing can save you a great deal of money.

My existing home is desperately short of storage space – how can I be sure that my renovation provides me with adequate space for storage?

There are many creative ways in which you can ensure maximum storage space within the design of your newly renovated home. If you are adding a central island or a new-style extension, cabinets can be included in the structure of these. Wall racks for hanging up pots, pans and moulds make an attractive as well as a practical way of storing these items. Shelving can provide a home for pretty crockery, recipe books, wine bottles and containers for storage of dry goods, again combining practical solutions with aesthetic appeal.

I don’t want to embark on a huge construction project, but I would like to incorporate a little breakfast nook into my new home – would this be possible?

Obviously this all depends on the available space. However, a good contractor will be able to suggest various ways of reconfiguring your units and appliances so as to incorporate a breakfast nook or breakfast bar in a sunny spot. If you presently have a separate laundry area, for example, this could be developed to contain other appliances in a convenient arrangement, opening up an area of the main home for alternative uses.

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