About Us

If you have made the decision to do some Home renovations Johannesburg, the first step on the journey is to form a partnership with a contractor in whom you can have complete confidence. You can rely on our renovations company, with its many years of experience in renovating Homes of all kinds. We have cultivated a reputation for reliability, excellence of workmanship and superlative service.

You may be contemplating only a small-scale renovation, or something much more ambitious, but no matter how extensive your plans are, we will be able to meet your needs comprehensively, handling the project from its initial stage of removal of the old fixtures and surfaces. We will deal with the tiling of walls and floors, and the installation of all cabinets and counter-tops. And we can offer our clients a vast choice of styles, colours and materials.

Our extensive network of contacts in the industry means that we will be able to recommend plumbing and electrical contractors with whom we work regularly and whose professionalism we can guarantee, should these services be required for the installation of new appliances and light fixtures. We can also source a wide range of Home appliances for those clients who wish to install or replace ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and other Home essentials.

Above all, we understand how vitally important it is to the continued smooth functioning of your household routine for your Home renovation to be completed efficiently, quickly and with the absolute minimum of disruption. So come and talk to us as soon as possible – we have your best interests at heart.